THE Loch Ness Monster has been refused permanent UK residency by the Home Office.

A Glasgow-based arts collective made the application on behalf of Nessie after the Brexit vote, saying they were concerned she might “leave the UK to settle in a new lake within the EU”.

The Doing Group filled in the necessary form and sent it in to the Home Office along with a passport photo of the monster and the £65 fee.

The Home Office’s response states simply: “Thank you for the above application. From the information provided it appears that a refund is appropriate.”

Hannah Kendaru, 23, a member of the group, said: “We filed the application in good faith. However, the process was a difficult one. Nessie has a reputation for being elusive – signatures, passport photos and other information were very difficult to obtain. Nessie has lived in Scotland for a long time. Yet her origin is unknown. Due to the worries that Brexit has caused, it was only natural to apply for a residency permit.”

The group say that while Nessie’s “contribution to society is of incredible cultural and financial benefit to the nation, her origins are unclear.”

They are appealing for members of the public to suggest an alternative post-Brexit home for her via their website,