SCOTTISH womenswear brand Barbra Kolasinski offers luxurious, contemporary clothing and accessories with a playful twist.

Founder of the brand Kolasinski graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011. Throughout her studies she focused on creating her own fabric from trimmings to produce garments which were a reflection of her Polish heritage, referencing Polish folk costumes to inspire colour and silhouette.

After showcasing at Edinburgh’s Graduate Fashion Week, Kolasinski moved to London to complete a Masters in Fashion Design and Technology at the prestigious London College of Fashion.

During her time there, she began to explore her Scottish roots, embracing the resources and craftsmanship which are available in Scotland. She travelled to the Scottish Borders where she worked with mills to design and manipulate fabrics and textiles for her collection.

The luxurious range opened London Fashion Week 2014 and marked the beginning of the Barbra Kolasinski label.

Kolasinski fell in love with hand dying unique colours to create one-of-a-kind garments and accessories. Seeking to continue to channel her Scottish heritage, she uses traditional textile techniques and innovates them to create modern, playful collections.

After graduation, the designer accepted a place at Alexander McQueen where she worked as a womenswear design trainee. She had many exciting experiences while there, from flying to Milan to deliver hand-embroidered couture dresses to watching backstage at Paris Fashion Week.

Kolasinski spent a year with the luxury fashion house before moving to Paris to reflect upon what she truly wanted to do. After several months steeped in French culture, she knew she was ready to create her own label.

Returning to Scotland, the designer received a place on the Fashion Foundry programme which allowed her to grow her business, with her pieces designed and made in Scotland. Her time on the programme comes to an end this month.

Seeking to further grow and develop her label, Kolasinski has begun a new journey and is now situated within Barras Art and Design Centre in Glasgow.