TO foreigners, Florida represents sunshine, orange juice and Disney, but for the residents of the state things are slightly more grim and realistic.

Jacksonville is suffering an “epidemic” of homicide, and is becoming a “murder capital”. These violent crimes are now so commonplace that locals might dismiss news of the latest death with, “Aw, it’s another one ...”

They might not be easily shocked, but they do demand a tough response from the law and because of the American system whereby voters directly elect their sheriffs, judges and state attorneys, people are able to hand power to those who promise to be the most merciless with offenders.

Florida has some of the harshest laws. Angela Corey is the state attorney, running for re-election, and she says with pride: “We have to honour our laws and our laws say we need to be tough.”

The cameras follow her campaign, and also the police as they attend a horrific murder in a trailer park.

INSIDE NO 9, BBC2, 10pm

THIS is the last in the series. Our only consolation is it’s so wonderful a fourth must be due.

It’s set in a trendy basement art gallery. A select group of people have been invited to a late-night viewing of a new art installation, but the group seem like an odd assortment of characters. Morgana Robinson plays a reality TV bimbo, Felicity Kendal is a blind writer of erotic fiction, Fiona Shaw a sweet Irish dinner lady, Steve Pemberton a council health and safety worker and Reece Shearsmith a snooty art critic. There’s also another famous guest star I’m not allowed to mention.

As they circulate the gallery they soon realise they are trapped and can’t get a phone signal down in that creepy basement.

This is a gruesome and darkly comic episode. Just as you’re laughing at a one-liner you’ll start wincing at the next scene.