THE fighting fund for the next independence referendum began closing in on its target last night just hours after Nicola Sturgeon announced the battle was on.

The SNP urged Scots to sign a petition backing another vote on its website, which quickly received support from people from around the country and beyond.

A live supporters map showed significant interest from London and Berlin, however no figures were provided.

Meanwhile, organisers aiming to raise £1 million in 100 days asked for donations, telling visitors to the site: “The success of our campaign will rely on the hard work and goodwill of tens of thousands of ordinary people across the country.”

Pledges were made almost immediately, with the total topping £90,000 by tea time.

Meanwhile, those opposed to a second ballot had nowhere to go, with Labour’s site failing to function.

The platform was launched late last month as Kezia Dugdale vowed to “work tirelessly” to keep the country in the UK. The party invited No campaigners to enter their details and pledge their opposition to a second independence referendum.

But yesterday those trying to log on received the message: “This site can’t be reached.”