A GERMAN map maker is offering customers a vision of what could be with a map of an independent Scotland in Europe.

The post-Brexit diagram shows the European Union in 2019, with an independent Scotland retaining its membership in contrast with the new United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Interkart GMbH will target the product in countries including Austria and Switzerland.

Chief executive officer Hans-Joachim Niemeyer, who regularly travels to Scotland, said until recently he was unsure if Westminster would really trigger Article 50.

However, he says this is now a certainty and his company, which has also produced an alternative design with Scotland remaining in a post-Brexit UK, must now prepare.

He told The National: “The worst case for a company like us is to have maps in stock that are incorrect because of changing names, roads, capitals or borders. This has happened very often over the last 30 years and it has cost a lot of money.

“I have no doubt that the UK will leave the EU in 2019. Why someone should buy an old EU map if they can get an updated map?

“If someone believes that Scotland will remain an EU member, no problem, we have also this map already available.”

The businessman went on: “It is not only a business issue, it is also a personal one.

“I believe that the decision of the UK to leave the EU was a great error.

“I know the problem that nobody has paid attention to the Scottish people, who totally disagree with Brexit.

“There is a realistic chance that Scotland will be independent.”

It is hoped that the map, which shows Scotland in purple bordering a black and white England, will attract collectors and those disappointed by Brexit in solidarity with Scotland.

Interkart commissioned Dalkeith cartographers XYZ Maps to produce the image.

Co-founder Dr Tim Rideout said: “It was a great surprise to be asked to produce this map for sale outside the British Isles and by a company that is purely interested in the commercial possibilities.

“We didn’t realise that Germans might be so interested in what may happen to Scotland.”

He added: “This won’t sell millions, but it will sell – Interkart don’t waste their money and they are getting ready for the future. It is almost certain that there will be another referendum.”

Rideout says most of his firm’s sales are in England, but does not believe the Yes-style map will hit his business.

He said: “I suspect there is a possibility somebody might decide not to buy one of our other maps, but I suspect most customers probably won’t notice.”

The map, which costs £23.99, is in the final stages of production and will be available from interkart.de and xyzmaps.com in the coming days.