MORE mystery posters in support of Scottish Independence have started to appear in Glasgow.

The signs and banners are believed to have been put up by “guerilla artists” who go by the Gaelic name Am Buidheann Dubh.

A Lego man with the slogan “Still Yes” has been spotted by the side of the M8 motorway while another “Still Yes” sign has been posted outside the Mitchell Library. Signs have also appeared at Barrowfield, Charing Cross and the Clydeside Expressway.

Am Buidheann Dubh, which has a Facebook page, says it exists to promote independence and the Gaelic language by putting up banners or bits of artwork in visible places.

A spokesman said: “We started in Glasgow but there are folk of a similar mind now all over Alba. It’s all about getting the message out in a creative way although we don’t encourage ‘vandalism’ or hanging banners from other folk’s private property. People have described us as ‘ultra nationalists’ on a Wikipedia page that we ourselves didn’t set up. In relation to that, we are unashamedly nationalist as we are proud of our cultural heritage but at the same time we are also very much civic nationalists.”