AN independent Scots firm is claiming its place alongside industry tech giants by establishing its own £1 million-plus pure fibre telecommunications carrier linking its networks in Scotland’s two largest economic hubs.

Commsworld is the first Scottish firm of its type to boast its own ultra-fast, inter-city connection between Edinburgh and Glasgow, which runs at speeds of up to 100Gb/s – 5,000 times faster than the average UK broadband connection.

Usually, independent telecoms firms lease bandwidth on the top of other carrier networks – major infrastructures connecting large geographical areas that tend to be owned and operated by larger corporations, such as BT, Virgin Media and SSE.

However, Commsworld can now offer a service similar to its bigger rivals after using Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology to “light” a span of dark fibre at virtually unlimited capacity.

Chief executive Ricky Nicol, said: “An easy way to think of the inter-city fibre is as the digital equivalent of a major motorway, which is connected at each end and at certain points along the route by regional networks, at exchanges. We now have full control over speeds, from the business connection, the local network, to the exchanges and beyond.

“It means clients with offices between Edinburgh and Glasgow can experience some of the fastest network speeds around.”

It allows the Edinburgh-based firm to offer customers on its network ultra-fast, reliable and secure network access between the two facilities, which can be used for mass data replication in real-time, as well as wholesale access for other communications providers.

Commsworld can now deliver massively reduced overhead costs to its datacentre customers and offer almost unlimited scope for growth in an increasingly data-reliant world.

Commsworld also has offices in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

The company employs more than 70 staff across public and private sector contracts.