SO now we have a part-time deputy leader. Angus is out of the country four days a week, he is an MP, he is the leader of London SNP MPs and now he is deputy leader with an important role to play in our independence campaign. This part-time attitude to our independence must stop. Angus also had an important role to play in indyref1 and we lost. We have the same old people in the same old positions making the same old mistakes.

I am also very concerned about the inclusive policy adopted by the party. The most important vote any Scot can have is the vote for their country’s independence. This precious vote of ours has been given away to any Tom, Dick or Harry who happens to be in the country at the time.

The English girl passing her time in Scotland till her visa to Australia came through voted No in indyref1 because she didn’t want Scotland to be independent and two weeks later she emigrated to Australia, an independent country. Since the EU referendum I have been angry at the number of EU people who voted against independence. When they were given the honour of a vote in Scotland’s bid for independence they voted against me and my grandchildren having the same citizens rights as they take for granted in their own countries.

We now have retired English people buying homes in the Borders. We have a housing boom in the Highlands as ex-pats buy cheap homes and in my area of Fife we have building firms building homes for English in-comers.

I am a Scot born in Scotland and I have lived here for 75 years and I am reduced to hoping and praying that all these fly-by-nights, who are in the country two minutes, will give me the right to my country’s independence. Scotland’s vital independence has been reduced to a cheap lottery where anyone can claim a ticket and take part. They don’t have to buy a ticket because that would mean putting a value on our independence vote. Our precious independent vote has been given away to the lowest bidder.

So in thrall has my party become to their inclusive mantra that I don’t believe they have any idea of the offence they have given.

Those who are born and living in Scotland and those who have lived here for 20 years, is the value I would put on the right to take part in our referendum, and that is 50 years less than my generation has given to Scotland.

Can we wonder why my generation does not trust their pensions and assets accrued over a lifetime to a government that can give away our right to decide our country’s future so easily and so cheaply?

G Ross

POLICE Scotland has lost 3,159 experienced officers since its creation in April 2013.

The force is facing a £190 million financial black hole by 2020-21.

Terrorism is a growing threat and Scotland will not be immune to jihadists willing to die for their ruthless Islamic ideology.

Like it or not we need to have an armed police force. The UK must stop sending foreign aid to countries which loathe the UK and strengthen our police and military.

The Westminster Government spends £12.2 billion every year.

This money would pay for the manpower needed to protect us.

Clark Cross

THE letter in these pages on December 23 succinctly outlines the problems faced by rural communities caused by a lack of affordable housing.

This letter was penned by a large group of people who clearly understand the subject.

As someone who lives in Inverness but works in more rural parts of the Highlands, I can’t help but notice the contrast between different parts of the Highland region. Inverness is growing with hundreds of new homes to be built by major building firms. On the other hand it’s not necessary to travel too far from Inverness to find communities that are clearly struggling to retain their populations and services. A lack of affordable housing is a major factor in this.

The authors of Friday’s letter set out a clear plan to address this issue. I agree with their views. I would also suggest that Holyrood should empower local government to tackle the housing crisis.

This should be funded by replacing the council tax with land value tax. This should be the purpose of the land reform agenda.

Communities should have the option of solving their own problems but this should not be the default position. Scotland needs effective and well-resourced local government.

Kenny Wright

BETWEEN 2016 and 2030 the UN, with the collusion of our governments, should expect to have implemented their Agenda 21. Sustainable development is the name of the plan aimed at ending poverty, hunger, and combating climate change.

Sounds noble, and worthy to the average citizen. But how this goal is to be achieved is pure evil. Sustainable development is not about “saving the planet.” Sustainable development is code for the mass extermination of humans by any means necessary, to around a target of 500 million globally. The means are as follows: sterilisation; euthanasia; world war; starvation and disease.

All of which are to be used to exterminate 95 per cent of humanity. This is the fate the “elites” have in store for us. I urge anyone curious or indeed incredulous of this to look into UN Agenda 21.

James Andrew Mills