DONALD Trump saw himself as the saviour of Scotland, called to prevent “Mad” Alex Salmond from destroying the country and jailing Scots in a prison made from wind turbines.

In a series of 16 letters sent from the now president-elect to the then First Minister between September 2011 and June 2013, Trump frequently insults and threatens Salmond over SNP support for renewable energy.

The letters, unearthed by the Huffington Post through a freedom of information request, show a man obsessed becoming angrier and angrier at plans for the Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Limited off the coast of his North East golf course.

Salmond replied only once.

He calls on Salmond to let Vattenfall, the Swedish company who own the farm to ruin the coast of their country first. “Would you put a windfarm opposite St Andrews – I don’t think so!” Trump writes.

In fairness to the billionaire, he claims he was reassured repeatedly by Jack McConnell that there would be no wind farm off the coast of the North East. He calls the turbines “monsters” and says they will ruin Aberdeen’s coastline.

It’s not until the fourth letter that Trump gets really angry. Sent on February 9, 2012, he tells Salmond China is laughing at Scotland for investing in wind power.

“With the reckless installation of these monsters, you will single-handedly have done more damage to Scotland than virtually any event in Scottish history!” Trump writes.

He adds: “You seem hell bent on destroying Scotland’s coastline and therefore, Scotland itself.”

Having turbines on the coast of Scotland, “will be like looking through the bars of a prison and the Scottish citizens will be the prisoners! Luckily tourists will not suffer because there will be none as they will all be going to other countries that had the foresight to use other forms of energy.

“Please understand that I am doing this to save Scotland and honour my mother, Mary MacLeod who, as you know, was born and raised in Stornoway. She would not believe what you are doing to her beloved Scotland.”

In March, Trump gets personal: “Do you want to be known for centuries as Mad Alex – the man who destroyed Scotland?”

He warns Salmond Scotland will go broke and “forever lose whatever chance you currently have of making Scotland independent”.

And in a quote that may come back to haunt him, though probably not, he writes: “History has shown that the world’s greatest leaders were the ones that were able to change their minds through knowledge.”

Last December Trump lost a supreme court battle in his bid to stop an offshore array being built in the North Sea several miles off his links course in Aberdeenshire.

A spokesman for Salmond said the letters were genuine: “They show a Scottish First Minister steadfastly refusing to bow to extreme pressure from Trump in opposition to wind energy.”

“We can only hope that the responsibilities of office change a man and that the president-elect comes to see the benefits of renewable energy not only to the environment but to local businesses and communities.”