DWP bosses used Google Maps when choosing which of Glasgow’s Jobcentres to shut, rather than perform proper assessments, according to the SNP.

Last week, staff at Glasgow’s 16 Jobcentres were told that half the sites in the city faced the chop.

Staff only learned about the decision after it was leaked to a newspaper. Around 74,000 jobseekers are expected to be affected.

Patrick Grady, who organised a meeting between city politicians and DWP staff on Friday, said the response to concerns from senior Jobcentre staff “was deeply disappointing”.

He added: “We still have no idea what criteria was used to decide whether to close one Jobcentre over another and it seems a local Equality Impact Assessment will only take place after the consultation period.

“The so-called public consultation has already started but little effort has been made to raise awareness, and the consultation will finish in January – leaving only a few weeks over the busy Christmas period for responses to be submitted.

“It was even revealed that staff had only used Google maps to calculate the additional travel time to the next Jobcentre – which hardly inspires confidence that these proposals have been properly thought through with due consideration given to the thousands of individuals that will be affected.

“The DWP must allow a full and public consultation on all the closures planned for Glasgow and the SNP will continue to fight these morally unjust cuts tooth and nail.” Analysis by our sister paper, the Glasgow Evening Times suggested the closures would lead to jobseekers facing a three-mile walk or having to pay several pounds. Being late for an appointment at the Jobcentre can see benefits being sanctioned.

Denise Horsfall, DWP work services director for Scotland, told the BBC: “The travelling has been looked at. These neighbourhoods are next door to each other. We’re not clear yet how many of our customers will have extra travel costs. That’s part of the consultation.”