‘TEA break is over” for the Yes movement as key campaigners prepare for a major conference on building a new push for independence, The National can reveal.

The cross-party Scottish Independence Convention (SIC), which predates Yes Scotland, was mothballed when the official campaign was set up in 2011.

Earlier this year, The National told how central figures including comic Elaine C Smith were to “get the band back together” and relaunch the SIC. Now details have emerged of a major conference to be held on January 14 to draw up plans for a revitalised campaign. Entitled “Build: policy, strategy, movement”, the event will take place in Glasgow as the SIC works out where Yes Scotland failed and how to win a second indyref.

As many as 800 people are expected to attend and organisers said: “The purpose of the conference is not to argue or make the case for independence but for independence supporters from right across the movement to get together and consider how to build towards winning a second independence referendum.”

They went on: “Many people feel the independence movement is currently too passive and not actively organising or preparing. With the potential for another referendum in the comparatively near future, it is time to prepare to fight that referendum.”

In an article for The National, Smith – the convener of the SIC – said the rise of the right in the UK and US proves the need for effective action, citing calls for the dental examinations to provide forensic proof of the status of unaccompanied child migrants seeking sanctuary in the UK as further evidence.

She said: “If everyone has been waiting for someone to tell them what to do, then that is so not like the independence movement I remember. I don’t remember any of us needing to be told how to campaign, how to get out, how to make the case.

“Mibbe we’ve had our feet up, thinking there was plenty of time, assuming someone else was going to do it for us. But I’m sorry, Donald Trump is a president, Boris Johnson is a diplomat and Nigel Farage is like some kind of global ambassador. When they start talking about checking the teeth of child refugees before we let them in the country, there really isn’t any time to spare. Tea break is over; back to work.”

The conference will look at the policy issues that should form the core case for a revitalised independence campaign.

It will also tackle the economic questions the public “felt were unanswered” in 2014, including those about currency, pensions and tax- ation, and will look at data gathered from the referendum result to find new ways to influence voters’ choices.

Speakers will include Smith, SNP MP Tommy Sheppard, Greens co-conveners Maggie Chapman and Patrick Harvie, and Stewart Kirkpatrick of Yes Scotland and crowdsourced campaign group 38 Degrees.

Yes2Scotland leader John McHarg, Jonathon Shafi, co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign, and the SNP’s Tommy Sheppard MP and Robin McAlpine of the Common Weal think tank will also take part.

McAlpine said: “It would be unforgivable if we drifted into another referendum without being properly prepared and no-one knows how soon another referendum might be. It really is time to get cracking and this conference is a starting point.”

Sheppard added: “Everyone needs to look with fresh eyes and open minds about what options are now available to us to build a better Scotland. We can never have too many ideas and I hope this conference will focus minds on practical strategies for the year ahead.”

Chapman said: “The events of the past weeks and months have shown that there is a real need for radical change in Scotland.

“We have shown it is possible to have a progressive and inclusive campaign for change. Now more than ever we need to work together to build a stronger case for independence.

“Now more than ever we need to work together to build a stronger movement for independence. This event will bring together people from all parties and none to start the work on winning the argument for independence.”

Tickets, costing £11.21, are available from the Eventbrite website: bit.ly/IndyConvention