IT’S the Borders town of Moffat’s version of the Lamborghini – a baarmy annual sheep race through the streets.

Crowds turned out yesterday for a sheepstake on the Ewe-sain Bolts who raced adorned with knitted woollen jockeys.

It was quite a rammy but there were no stitch-ups at the races which were launched in 2012 to celebrate the town’s sheepfarming and centuries old woollen industry.

The sheep are supplied by local farmers and cafes, restaurants, pubs, gift and craft shops all join in the festivities.

Around 30 prime specimens competed in five races down the town’s high street yesterday while punters, hoping they hadn’t had the wool pulled over their eyes, placed bets in specially constructed betting booths.

Hundreds of spectators turned out to study the form, bet on the competitors and cheer at the finishing line.

While the race in Moffat is believed to be the first of its kind in Scotland, similar competitions are held elsewhere in the UK.