ORDINARY Iraqis have become victims in their own country, according to ex-pats at a vigil for bomb blast victims yesterday.

More than 300 people are confirmed dead in a suicide bombing in Baghdad on Sunday which took place as people broke their daily Ramadan fast.

The incident happened in a shopping district as locals shopped for Eid celebrations.

Yesterday Scots-Iraqis at a vigil for victims in Glasgow said they were in mourning and could not celebrate the annual holiday.

Dr Abd Abdullah of the Scottish Iraqi Association told The National those at home and abroad are still struggling to comprehend terror attacks by Daesh and other groups. He said: “This is a new culture for us – we didn’t know that there is an organisation called Daesh or terrorists coming from outside the country to kill our people regardless of their race, their religion, their gender. It is indiscriminate.

“We have been victimised in our homeland.”

The vigil, which was attended by Transport Minister Humza Yousaf and Labour MSP Anas Sarwar, also drew Iraqi Consul General, Ambassador Zaid Noori.

He said Sunday’s bombing had happened at the “worst time” for Muslims, adding: “They are not celebrating. It is the worst crime in Baghdad since 2003, it is the biggest. It was the last days of Ramadan, the victims were breaking their fast and they were killed in cold blood.

“It is a crime against civilians. There is no festival in Iraq.”

The vigil was held the day after the publication of the Chilcot Report, which found resultant instability in Iraq could have been predicted before the UK and US invaded to topple Saddam Hussein.

It also criticised Tony Blair’s government for failing to plan for reconstruction and for underestimating the challenges the operation faced.

Hundreds of thousands of people died in the war.

While Noori declined to comment on Chilcot’s findings, Abdullah hit out at Blair’s claim that the world is a safer place without Hussein.

He said: “That is not true. There is no justice. The invasion of Iraq was not justified. It lead to the killing of hundreds of thousands of people.”

Dismissing Blair’s rebuttal of Chilcot criticisms, political activist and human rights defender Dr Fuad Alakbarov said: “The only time I will ever listen to Tony Blair is if he is in The Hague.”