SCOTLAND’S biggest LGBTI celebration will this year partner with a campaign pushing for better equality education in the classroom.

The Time for Inclusive Education campaign is calling for Holyrood action to tackle prejudice among pupils.

Now, the official parade for this year’s Pride Glasgow event in August will be themed around the campaign.

Pride Glasgow chief executive Alastair Smith said: “Inclusive education is an issue that will tug on the heart strings of every LGBTI person, allowing individuals time for reflection about their experiences in education.

“This issue will bring the community out in their thousands to march and be part of bringing about the much-needed change to our education system that TIE is aiming for.”

Launched last summer, TIE is calling for inclusive LGBTI education in all Scottish schools.

A TIE spokesperson said: “Pride Glasgow’s decision to theme their parade around TIE sends a clear message to decision makers in Holyrood that the time to create an education system that is fully inclusive of LGBTI identities and issues is now.”