SCOTTISH secularism means that legalising incest is only “logical”, according to the Free Church of Scotland.

Speaking ahead of a discussion on incest laws by the Scottish Parliament’s petition committee, the Church’s moderator said the lack of “Christian morality” among lawmakers was to blame for Scotland being in a place where incest was no longer “unthinkable”.

The Rev David Robertson said: “Unless MSPs are prepared to adopt Christian morality, they are effectively defenceless in arguing against incest.”

He continued: “Secularist humanist thinking reduces sexual relations to a matter of consent – I am frequently told that so long as two people are happy to be involved, there is not a problem.

“But it’s when we consider the Bible that we clearly see that the legalisation of incest would be an unmitigated disaster.”

Robertson blamed the BBC’s dramatisation of War and Peace, which features an incestuous relationship, as “media propaganda.” He said: “Whilst it is currently ‘unthinkable’ and I am sure that MSPs will throw this petition out, this is just the first drop in what will be a drip, drip campaign by those who do not regard incest as unthinkable.

“Who is to say that within a few years the pressure will not grow and in the name of ‘equality’, incest between adults will be permitted?”

MSPs on Holyrood’s petitions committee have already indicated their opposition to the proposal, with committee convener Michael McMahon calling the subject matter “abhorrent”.

MSPs will decide today whether there is any further action to take.

Richard Morris, who lodged the petition, reportedly lives in Australia and will not be appearing in front of the committee.

In his petition, Morris says the law, “perpetuates superstitious, bigoted, outmoded beliefs.”

According to a Scottish Parliament briefing paper, incest is “tied specifically to ‘sexual intercourse’, a phrase long recognised as meaning penile-vaginal intercourse”.