MINISTERS are to ask Amazon to pay more workers a living wage amid claims it is “an exceptionally horrible place” to work.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said he has been contacted by employees at the online retailer’s warehouse in Fife complaining about conditions.

Amazon also told him it pays workers 65p per hour less than the Scottish living wage, Rennie revealed at First Minister’s Questions.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she will dispatch fair work secretary Roseanna Cunningham “to engage directly with Amazon ... to get more people paid the living wage”.

Sturgeon was mocked by Rennie for initially “mishearing” his question about wages and going on to complain about tax avoidance. Rennie claimed she “finds it difficult to listen”.

“This week I received a letter from Amazon HQ in London. They boasted that they paid workers £7.20 per hour, even that is well below the national living wage,” he said.

“The Scottish Government paid almost £1 million to the company just last year. Does the First Minister think it wise to award companies that pay such low wages?”

Sturgeon said: “I think all companies should pay the tax that they are due to pay.

“The Scottish Government takes tax avoidance very seriously

.“We will stand up for fairness and for companies paying the tax they are due.

”Rennie said: “I know she finds it difficult to listen to anybody else, but the question was about wages and not about tax.”