ALEX Salmond has branded Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump “chicken” as the war of words between the two men continues.

The former SNP leader and First Minister last week challenged the US billionaire to debate with him on his new LBC radio show.

Trump called the MP “an embarrassment to Scotland’’ after Salmond used the show to claim he had overstated his investment in Scotland and his ownership of the Turnberry golf resort could actually lose the country money.

After a call from Trump failed to transpire, fellow phone-in host Iain Dale asked Salmond whether he thought the presidential hopeful was “chicken”.

He responded: “The Donald tries to give this impression that he’s totally off the cuff, in fact his media operation controls him and protects him from tough interviews.

“So I’ve got the feeling that he’ll be loath to come on because both you and I would answer him back.

“If he doesn’t come on, we’ll keep challenging him and maybe ‘chicken Donald’ will catch on.”

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