A FORMER Iraqi refugee who won acclaim as one of the campaigning Glasgow Girls has started work for a SNP MP.

Roza Salih arrived in Scotland as a child after she and her family fled their home in Kirkuk in Iraq. She has been hired by Chris Stephens, the MP for Glasgow South West to work in his constituency office.

Stephens told The National he was delighted to take Roza on.

“The standard of applicants for the position in my office was of an amazingly high standard, and Roza was the best of that incredibly good bunch,” he said.

“Even in the few days she has been working in the constituency she has been hugely helpful to myself and the rest of the office team. From her own experiences she knows the challenges faced by many of my constituents, challenges I have been working hard to address.”

The seven Glasgow Girls met as pupils at Drumchapel High School and highlighted the poor treatment of asylum seekers whose rights of appeal had been exhausted.

The group was established in 2005 in response to the detention of one of their friends, Agnesa Murselaj.

Publicity grew as the girls challenged the then First Minister Jack McConnell on the matter and publicly voiced their concerns as more children at their school were being dawn raided, detained and deported.