THE National Front in Scotland are to launch a recruitment campaign outside schools in Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow.

As part of a drive to bolster their fledgling youth movement, the far-right group will be handing copies of their teen magazine, the Bulldog, to over-14s leaving school playgrounds during term time.

In a post on their Facebook page the group, which has links with neo-Nazi groups, say they are “making plans for some exciting events that will take place in Scotland in 2016.”

The group say: “We have sent copies of the party’s relaunched Bulldog magazine to our units across Scotland. We will be distributing free copies of Bulldog to school children aged 14 years and over.

“The first copies will be distributed outside schools in Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow in January 2016.

“Let’s recruit the youth of our country and take back our land.”

The group say that anyone under the age of 25 can sign up for £10 a year. In their Bulldog magazine, the front page of which is on their Facebook page, the National Front say the youth division “embraces the beliefs of white nationalism” and the “all to [sic] real battle to stop the genocide of the white race.”

Those considering joining are warned that they will be called racist and the group retorts: “Those who say you are racists do so because they are actively working for the downfall of our folk and future generations of white children.”

Yesterday Scotland’s political parties said they would not let the National Front have the opportunity to flourish in Scotland and said parents concerned about racist literature being handed to their children should call the police.

Maggie Chapman, co-convenor of the Scottish Greens, said: “The idea that this far-right racist organisation that wants to deport people who have made Scotland their home and criminalise gay people plans to target schoolchildren is repugnant. Hanging around school gates with hate-filled propaganda shows the level to which this outfit stoops. Such inappropriate behaviour will not only alarm many children and parents, but will also waste resources that should be focused on teaching children.”

SNP MSP Sandra White, who is the Deputy Convener of the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee, said: “Anyone seen distributing racist literature to children outside schools should be reported to the police. The views of the National Front have no place in modern Scotland and thankfully no support.”

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “The National Front holds no place in Scottish politics. Spreading this type of hatred outside schools and to our young people is disturbing to say the least.”

Scottish Labour’s spokesperson said they had confidence in Scotland’s teenagers not to back the racist group: “The National Front have no support in Scotland and this is a despicable attempt to try and poison young minds with their vile propaganda. However, we are confident Scottish youngsters will see the National Front for what they are and ignore this blatant attempt to stir up racial prejudice.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “The Scottish Government is absolutely clear there is no place for racism or intolerance in a modern Scottish society.”

The National Front in Scotland did not respond to the National’s request for a comment.

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