WRITER Tim Morrison – at times the most vocal of the Orkney four – is proud of his political ancestry: “All my grandparents were founder members of the Labour Party – my mother’s family were politically active in London.”

Both his parents remained in the Labour Party until Tony Blair became leader, when both went to the Liberal Democrats as the only “socialist alternative”.

It was while he was studying in Aberdeen that Morrison became politically active. “I represented the Divinity Faculty on Aberdeen University Students’ Representative Council and then on its executive and finally as its sabbatical senior vice-president,” he recalled.

“I was independent at the time, but had strong leanings towards independence – however, I was more Labour than SNP.”

He had many friends among the SDP and Liberals of the time but, he says: “I have never regarded them as trustworthy.”

After he left university, he said he was active in a number of left-wing causes, mostly connected with different types of peace movements, although he never joined a political party.

“I became involved in the Yes movement in the run-up to the referendum. Ill-health limited what I could do so I spent most afternoons in a Yes shop in Stromness.

“The day after the referendum I joined the SNP. I pay dues but have never been to a meeting or been an office-bearer. My commitment was to and remains with the Yes movement.”

Morrison said that following the indyref, Yes Orkney remained a viable entity for a few months and even formed a constitution.

He dismissed claims that the four were a political rabble: “We are certainly a rabble, but not a party-based one.”

As the Orkney crowdfund continued to grow yesterday, passing a total of £177,000, he said it showed how strongly people felt about the case: “The money is astonishing – in particular when compared with what Mr Carmichael has managed to raise.”

Morrison said the judges’ ruling would not make much difference to his life.

“I hope it will get back to normal eventually. Clearly if we have costs awarded against us, it is going to be alarming and we will have to do very major fundraising.” ge.”