SINGER Sandi Thom hit back at online trolls yesterday after receiving a “freight train of abuse” for an emotional online video addressing radio play.

Thom, who became an overnight success with her debut single I Wish I Were A Punk Rocker in 2006, became the subject of online abuse last week after posting a clip in which she criticised Radio 2 and the Bauer Radio network for choosing not to playlist her new single Earthquake.

The track is released next

Friday and Thom, originally from Banff, said she could not understand the decision, stating that the record was “perfect” for the stations and adding: “I’m f***ing sick to death of the bulls*** this industry pulls on people like me and I’ve had it. Enough I’m done. F*** you Radio 2. F*** you Bauer network.”

The release of the clip saw Thom trending on Twitter as some users accused her of staging a publicity stunt, while others attacked her personally.

Thom, who is now based in

Essex, is not the first artist to attack radio managers for omitting their music, with Robbie Williams, Cliff Richard and Status Quo all making public complaints in the past. But yesterday Thom, who is six months pregnant and currently on a UK tour, said she believes she has been treated differently for being female and showing her emotions.

She told The National: “A lot of the people commenting were men and a lot of them, which is sad to me, were Scottish.

“It has been mad. I had to tell myself not to take a lot of it personally. I have been here before and I didn’t do anything to deserve it – it just feels like ‘round two, ding ding’. It’s tough for my family – my mum has really struggled with reading some of the things about me.

Thom, who plays in London tonight, added: “I’m pretty outspoken, I don’t tend to teeter round the edges and smile in all the right places. It’s easier to say nothing than it is to speak out.

“I was called a brat – I’ve worked my arse off for years and these people don’t appreciate that. They don’t know about my life and how hard I’ve worked.

“I don’t know how many people have messaged me privately and said they agree, but they won’t say it publicly. Everybody shoots the messenger.”