VETERAN BBC journalist Jim Naughtie says it is “weird” that Alex Salmond is still critical of Nick Robinson and the corporation’s coverage of the independence referendum.

Naughtie, a regular presenter of Radio 4’s Today Programme who hosted Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland in the run-up to the referendum, was speaking Edinburgh International Book Festival.

The Keith-born journalist said he and Salmond had discussed the BBC’s coverage over the weekend at the Beyond Borders festival.

“He said the BBC coverage of the referendum was a disgrace and I respectfully disagreed,” Naughtie said.

“I think the personalisation of it, a year on, is bizarre.” he added. “I think the idea that the former First Minister ... is still getting at Nick for one alleged offence ... is bizarre.”

A week before the referendum a report by Robinson said Salmond did not answer a question at a press conference.

Video showed he spoke to the question for eight minutes. Robinson admitted last week he phrased the report badly, but criticised demonstrations about BBC bias at the corporations’s Pacific Quay site in Glasgow a week before the poll as comparable to something seen in Putin’s Russia.

Naughtie distanced himself from those comments, saying: “We all choose our phrases.” He said he would have used a different comparison, but added: “I just think it’s weird that Alex Salmond is still pursuing that argument.”