NINE out of 10 Scots consumers say the Scottish Parliament should have full responsibility for energy policy in Scotland, according to a new survey.

The Big Energy Switch, a Scotland-wide campaign to cut the costs of electricity and gas, spoke to more than 12,000 consumers and found overwhelming support for giving the Scottish Parliament full control of energy policy.

It also found that three in five who supported devolution did so because they believed that Holyrood was best placed to make decisions on Scottish energy policy matters. A further two in five supported energy policy devolution because they believed it would result in more affordable energy in Scotland.

The Big Energy Switch was launched as a response to the ever-rising cost of power in Scotland and is aimed at unlocking group discounted energy.

Campaign Director Michael Stewart said: “This survey is further evidence that Scottish consumers want more control over the matters that have a big impact on their everyday lives. It makes sense that the vast majority of people want the Scottish Parliament to have control over something as fundamental to the cost of living as electricity prices.

“The message from this poll is clear, Scottish consumers want Scotland to control the policy that influences their energy bills.

“National group switching campaigns, like the Big Energy Switch, have worked in other countries to help fight back against the rising cost of living, and now is the time for Scottish consumers to act together to unlock group discounted energy here as well,”

Global consumer network One Big Switch launched the campaign in Scotland in response to the increasing unaffordability of energy. Since 2003, it claims, average fuel bills in Scotland have risen nearly four times faster than household incomes.

Anthony Lewis, from South Lanarkshire, told The National: “I joined the group because I agree that it would be more effective to persuade the power companies to give lower priced power to the people of Scotland.

“Personally, I think we as a group are not going far enough. We should get the people of Scotland to refuse to pay their energy bills until they are lowered to an acceptable level of price or even nationalised and the profits put back into Scotland. Here’s hoping.”

Pat McColgan, an energy customer from West Dunbartonshire, said of the campaign: “You are a group of committed people who are really keen to help ordinary people tackle the energy companies head on. More power to you.”

With more than 700,000 members, One Big Switch is one of the world’s fastest growing consumer movements. It has previously used Big Energy Switch campaigns to unlock group discounted energy and spark price wars in Australia and Ireland.

Joining the Big Energy Switch is cost and obligation free. People can sign up at Registration closes at midnight on June 5.