ANTI-ISLAMIC and fascist graffiti has been found on the wall of the new Sikh Gurdwara that is being built near Glasgow city centre.

The words “F**k Islam. No Shariah!” were scrawled in green next to a Nazi swastika on the new Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha in Berkeley Street, Glasgow.

Members of the Sikh community discovered the vandalism about two weeks ago and made it public on Monday following a community meeting. They have also reported it to the police.

Surjit Singh Chowdhary, vice-president of Central Gurdwara Singh Sabha, said: “The Sikh community completely abhors the hateful ideology of Islamophobia.

“We are in complete shock that such disgraceful words were put on the walls of this great Gurdwara. The Sikh community’s gift to Glasgow has been commandeered as a platform for the hateful messages which do not belong in our country.

“We hope that Glasgow stands shoulder-to-shoulder with us and we extend an open welcome to everyone to learn about Sikhs and our Gurdwara.

“The only way to challenge hate is through education to promote understanding of Scotland’s diverse communities.”

The graffiti has now been cleared from the £15 million building, which is due to open in the summer.

Anti-vandal paint and enhanced surveillance cameras are now being installed around the Gurdwara.

Charandeep Singh, general secretary of Glasgow Gurdwara, said: “These words represent ignorance at its worst. Unfortunately in this climate of rampant Islamophobia, members of the Sikh community have fallen victim too.

“Instances ranging from jeers of ‘Taliban’ or ‘Bin Laden’ directed at turban-wearing Sikh men, to the firebombing of a Gurdwara in Kent after the 7/7 London terrorist attacks have beset the Sikh community.

“This episode is a sad reminder that Sikhs, Muslims, Jews and other minorities face public ridicule and criminal attacks which go against the values of our society.”

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy condemned the vandalism.

He said: “There is no place for this type of stupid and sickening offensive behaviour at a religious site. The Sikh community is an important part of modern Scotland and it is shameful that this iconic building should be targeted in this way.

“It’s possible that whoever did this wasn’t acting alone or may have boasted to friends about their actions. I would urge anyone who knows who did this to do the right thing and call the police.”