A SCOTTISH comedian has organised a pre-US election Glasgow Against Trump rally.

Janey Godley, says she wants the event in George Square on November 6 – two days before the vote – to be a chance for people to come and laugh at “the bully”.

She asked for those attending – especially children – to come along dressed up as Trump. Godley said: “It was one of my pals who suggested we have a get-together with kids and get folk dressed up.”

A picture of Godley holding a homemade sign saying Trump is a **** went viral after she protested at the official opening of the billionaire’s Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire.

For the Glasgow protest she’s asking that there be no swearing, and for families to come along. She said: “It’s dangerous to let children think it’s OK to be a bully, or a racist or treat women badly. Trump has emboldened bullies and racists.”

Godley added that it was appropriate for comedians to stand up against Trump given his propensity to attack people who make jokes at his expense.

“Trump says he wants to ban [US comedy show] Saturday Night Live, that he wants to see it cancelled. Say what you want about Bush but he didn’t shut down any comedians. So we’re going to laugh,” Godley said. “A lot of children are watching the news and it’s dangerous – they’re seeing a bully. But if children see adults laughing at him, that’s another message.”

Trump once tried to sue US comic Bill Maher after the comedian said he would donate $5 million to charity if the Republican nominee could prove he wasn’t the “the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan”.

Maher’s joke was a response to Trump’s offer of the same amount if President Barack Obama would release his college transcripts. Trump later withdraw the lawsuit.

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