GLASGOW city centre could become the front line in a Nazi soup kitchen turf war after a group of vigilante anti-fascists promised to take to the streets in a bid to fight far-right white supremacists targeting homeless people.

Red Front Republic, a pro-independence, anti-fascist, pro-Irish unity group will be running a “food drive” around Glasgow this Saturday, with a spokesman telling The National they wanted “to distribute food and essentials to anybody who may need it, regardless of their colour or religion”.

The spokesman said the group were “disgusted” by the reports of the “whites only” soup kitchen operated by neo-Nazi group National Action, and wanted to respond.

“We have actually been planning this for a while and have done various work like this in the past but haven’t publicised it,” he said. “One of the main reasons behind this is in response to National Action and their ‘white only’ soup kitchen. Having spoken to various people, they were disgusted by this, especially with it being so close to home.

“We strongly believe in equality so to deny someone less fortunate some help and assistance because of the colour of their skin or religion is unacceptable.”

RFR aren’t publicising where they’re going to be and when – they will be actively going around Glasgow. They don’t expect trouble from the teenage Nazis of National Action but have promised they will act “accordingly” if trouble finds them.

“While we don’t advocate for violence and never will advocate for it, the type of group that we are, we aren’t worried in the slightest about National Action. On Saturday our main goal is to help out people in need. If anyone wants to disrupt that, then we will deal with that accordingly.”

This paper reported last month on the neo-Nazi group’s “white rescue”, where they gave food and supplies to homeless people based on the colour of their skin.

The group were condemned in parliament, with Glasgow MSP Sandra White calling their “white rescue” homeless events “discriminatory and racist”.

Community Safety Minister Annabelle Ewing said National Action’s behaviour was “completely unacceptable” and committed the Government “to doing all that we can to stamp it out”.

In yesterday’s paper we reported that they had taken their so-called “soup kitchen of hate” to Aberdeen at the start of the month.

The group were members of the BNP youth wing, who splintered from that band of bigotry in revulsion at plans to be less confrontational.

They are fiercely pro-Trump, pro-Brexit and hold eye-catching events such as the Miss Hitler pageant.

The “white rescue” food kitchen is similar to a tactic used by the Nazis themselves in pre-war

Germany, where food was used as a recruiting tool. Greek fascist group Golden Dawn have also used street work and charity work in a bid to gain credibility.