ODIOUS neo-Nazis National Action have been told to never come back to Aberdeen, after the Hitler-loving thugs took their whites-only soup kitchen to the Granite City.

The group also posted videos of themselves on the city’s pleasure beach giving a Nazi salute while setting fire to an “I’m with Nicola” SNP campaign flag.

It is the latest sign in a worrying resurgence of far-right politics in parts of the UK since Brexit, with hate crime in England and Wales up 14 per cent on last year.

As reported in The National last month, the mostly middle-class, “hipster” fascists of National Action, ran a “whites-only” soup kitchen in Glasgow city centre on a Saturday night in August. They refused to serve any homeless person with a colour of skin not to their liking.

The group were condemned in parliament, with Glasgow MSP Sandra White calling their “white rescue” homeless events, “discriminatory and racist”.

Community Safety Minister Annabelle Ewing said National Action’s behaviour was “completely unacceptable” and committed the government “to doing all that we can to stamp it out”.

That condemnation has done little to deter the vile right wingers, who took their hate on a day trip to Aberdeen. A postcard-like picture on the group’s website shows about

11 men at the city’s historic Marischal College, and with a flag in the central Castlegate. They are also seen giving Nazi salutes in front of His Majesty’s Theatre and outside the Unite the Union building.

In their September report, the xenophobes write: “We enjoyed a pint together before meeting a new recruit in the city centre, who was keen to stay with us and attend our activities for the day.

“Following some photos at famous Aberdeen sights such as the William Wallace monument, and Marischal College (Hitler’s favourite UK building), we then enjoyed a hearty meal together.

“The camaraderie was in full swing, and so we decided to share the love by giving out food and water to the local homeless population before making our way down to the beach. It was here at the beach that we were able to put a communist USSR flag we ‘found’ to good use and burned the f***** to kingdom come. The perfect end to a perfect day”

On a YouTube video of the flag burning, the group can be seen setting fire to the Soviet flag before throwing down an SNP Scottish election flag emblazoned with the “I’m with Nicola” slogan.

Marischal College was never Hitler’s favourite building in the UK, this was an urban myth created by students at the university decades ago.

Tommy Campbell, regional officer, for Unite the Union, said: “We’re very proud in Aberdeen that there are many people from across the world who live and work here. Various nationalities, cultures and religions all made very welcome.

“But people who give Hitler salutes are never welcome in Aberdeen, as we all know that the represents the mass killing of people. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

The group were members of the BNP youth wing, who splintered from that band of bigotry, in revulsion at plans to be less confrontational.

They hold eye-catching events such as the Miss Hitler pageant.

The “white rescue” food kitchen is similar to a tactic used by the Nazis themselves in pre-war Germany, where food was used as a recruiting tool. Greek fascist group Golden Dawn have also used street work and charity work in a bid to gain credibility.

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