PEOPLE of all backgrounds and all countries joined together to declare #WeAreScotland yesterday.

The hashtag – started by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as a counterpoint to “the Tories’ vision of Brexit Britain” – was trending across the UK as social media users shared pictures and personal stories about their connections to Scotland and the world.

Countless messages followed, creating the SNP’s first ever Twitter “moment”.

Massage therapist Sally Chamness posted a picture of her family, writing: “This is my American husband & our 3yo daughter. We chose Scotland as the place to raise our family, there’s nowhere like it.”

Sharing a picture taken at a wedding, user @SunScot described himself and his wife, saying: “Scottish-Indian born in Fife married USA-Central America-Europe-Asia raised American with a Scottish PhD in Spanish history #WeAreScotland.”

Meanwhile, arts worker Steve Byrne posted a selfie of his family, adding: “Me: Scot/Brit, dual Irish citizenship, Mrs B: German. Our wee one? If she chooses, all the above. Citizens of the world.”

Reacting to the messages, user @morifurr said: “The #WeAreScotland hashtag is the nicest thing you’ll read today, especially as an immigrant/person of colour. Thank you lovely people.”

The hashtag began circulating following a message shared online by Sturgeon about plans on immigration and work outlined at the Tory conference, where Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced firms may be forced to publicly reveal how many “international” workers they have.

English Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt also unveiled a medical training programme designed to produce enough British doctors to replace overseas staff working in NHS England.

Describing her “disbelief and horror”, Sturgeon said: “The Tories’ vision of Brexit Britain is one I will have no part in, and will never subscribe to. We all have a duty to stand up against intolerance in all its forms – and to make sure that Scotland is a welcoming place for all those who choose to live here.

“So, I’ve a favour to ask – for your help to spread that message far and wide. Use your social media channels – using #WeAreScotland – to tell the world why you’re proud to call Scotland home.”

Digital worker Alicja Pawluczuk, who has lived in Scotland for 11 years, praised the country’s “amazing, diverse community”, adding: “Grateful to be a part of it.”

Christina Goebel told how she was “born in Kazakhstan, raised in Germany, proud to be living in Scotland”, adding: “We’re all Jock Tamson’s bairns.”

Kostas Sideris said moving to Scotland had been “the best decision of my life, I feel so welcomed here”, and businessman Alex MacLeod wrote: “I’m proud of a country that doesn’t care where you’re from: it cares where you’re going.”

Katrina Patrick @wordsbykatrina shared a group photo from Rotaract Scotland. “We’re from all over the world, now living in Scotland and working together to make a difference,” she said.

Martin Crawford @thetrophyman posted a picture of his daughter. “Been Scottish all my life, married to a beautiful #Danish woman & now we have Nova, keep smiling!”

Dr Tanja Bueltman said: “German-born and not currently living in Scotland, but I sure am an affinity Scot at heart – kilt, tartan and all.”

The SNP declined to comment last night, but English-based stylist Kerry Nixon said: “#WeAreScotland is making me want to go back to the homeland after 20 years in London.”

However, not everyone shared the sentiment, with grumpy newspaper columnist and grump Euan McColm stating: “I believe in Scottish exceptionalism and nauseating virtue signalling.”