THE full might of Britain’s nuclear arsenal has been brought to its knees – again – by 77-year-old protester Brian Quail.

Anti-nukes campaigner Quail and his colleague Alasdair Ibbotson managed to hold up four gigantic trucks thought be carrying nuclear warheads, by simply flagging them down and then crawling underneath.

In one of the pictures, a stumped cop can be seen scratching his head, as colleagues try to coax Quail out from under the armoured car. The trucks had left the Atomic Weapons Establishment Burghfield near Reading on Wednesday before slowly making their way up to Scotland.

After an overnight stop at an RAF base in Yorkshire, the convoy heading to Faslane, passed through Raploch in Stirling, where twinkly-eyed septuagenarian Quail managed to get the driver’s attention.

The convoy was held up for 15 minutes.

The retired teacher is no stranger to protests, and has a successful track record when it comes to stopping convoys carrying warheads.

In March this year he held up at least four 100 kiloton nuclear warheads being taken through Scotland by using nothing more than a Pelican crossing.

Waiting until the convoy was on the road, Quail simply hit the button and then, when the truck stopped, lay in front of it.

Veronika Tudhope of Scottish CND said there was widespread opposition to weapons being transported through Scotland: “It’s time the people of Scotland’s views were respected.”