STILL GAME, BBC1, 9.30pm

YOU’RE going to hate me for saying this. I already hate myself for even daring to hold these thoughts, but I need to be honest with you: this was a disappointment.

Maybe there was simply too much expectation attached. Maybe next week’s episode, when we’ve all calmed down, will be better? Maybe it isn’t fair to expect a sitcom, off air for so many years, to immediately reconvene and be a thing of beauty?

The story is about Jack and Victor coming to terms with modern gadgets. They both discover the joys of online delivery companies and start ordering a lot of rubbish. Isa gets a plastic spaniel with glowing red eyes which sits on her doorstep and announces to visitors whether the lady of the house is at home. Victor gets a wee stone to conceal his spare house keys in and Jack gets a contraption to make bath time more fun. Chaos predictably ensues.

In another story, Winston (usually the star of the show for me) is surprised to see his long-lost brother back in town.


“I think someone on the team is helping the killer.” Suspicions are rife among the police and no one knows who can be trusted.

Tonight’s episode opens with Nancy unconscious on Brighton seafront. Eventually she gets to her feet and vomits onto the beach.

Of course, Nancy isn’t recovering from a wild seaside hen party. Instead, she’s still suffering the after-effects of what she describes to Hayley “an incident” and insists she cannot go to hospital. But the police know someone else was in the woods on the night of the shooting, and with an appeal for witnesses going out, how much longer can she keep it secret? I admit I was weary when yet another police show popped up on the schedules but there is just enough here to keep this one fresh and zipping along.