WHEN I heard that the Hidden Door festival was returning to the same Electric City space on King’s Stables Road that it had inhabited last year, I was a happy man. I remember the surprise I experienced on my first visit, walking through labyrinths of corridors filled with unexpected art, listening to music behind chicken wire contraptions upstairs and in the throbbing expanse of downstairs, and soaking up the buzz that rippled through the main courtyard. One visit was not enough.

There’s plenty to draw me back again this year, even if I stick only to the music programme. For sheer live energy, Bossy Love – a full-on RnB concoction created by Amandah Wilkinson (Operator Please) and John Baillie Jr (Dananananaykroyd) – will be hard to beat tomorrow. Then there’s the deconstructed soul of Law Holt, currently catching the eyes and ears of the music industry but playing here on June 3.

Other Scots worth seeing include Sacred Paws (tomorrow), Babe (Saturday), Urvanovic (Sunday), The Woods (Monday), Withered Hand (Tuesday), Be Charlotte (Wednesday), HQFU (June 2), Neon Waltz (June 3) and Raza (June 4). Discover the rest of the programme online at hiddendoorblog.org