THIS new series looks at how Scotland’s infrastructure keeps people and things travelling, transporting and ticking along.

It sounds quite dull, especially as we only think of infrastructure when things go wrong – whether it’s the closure of the Forth Bridge, train delays or ferry cancellations – but this new series shows us the people who sail the ships, fly the planes, build the roads and repair the rails, which prods us to look at it in a new light. We’re seeing the people behind our infrastructure, not a faceless PR person issuing yet another press release to explain, excuse and apologise.

Tonight, two “road geeks” meet an old man who went to San Francisco to work on America’s vast freeways, bringing his knowledge home to build Glasgow’s motorways in the 50s. He describes it as assembling a huge, intricate puzzle. It’s a fresh look at motorways when we tend to notice only roadworks and delays.

Likewise with Glasgow’s Underground. If a tunnel is closed for repairs we’ll grumble, but rarely think of the orange-suited engineers who work through the night in its ghostly, subterranean darkness. We meet them here and they’re surprisingly jolly.


THE final two episodes of this horrifying, uncomfortable, but utterly brilliant sitcom go out tonight.

The previous four have produced flinches, cringes and desperately awkward moments but tonight’s go completely off the scale! It lurches into violently bleak territory this evening, so be warned: if you already found Camping painful, tonight you might actually require some Ibuprofen.

Robin and Fi host a party in the barn to celebrate his birthday and mark the end of the camping holiday. Despite the innocent cake, pop music and party hats, it descends into utter depravity, becoming like a drugged-up version of The League of Gentlemen.

And there’s a surprising amount of full-frontal nudity involved, though not from the hunky Adam or good-looking Fay. It’s from the creepy and nameless little man who owns the campsite: he bursts out of the shadows tonight in his perverted, naked, gasping glory when Fay’s drug supply loosens everyone’s inhibitions and unleashes an animalistic chaos.

I felt wonderfully shocked and shaken by the time the credits rolled. Bravo!