ROOSH V is a truly repugnant human being.

He is a man who attempts to intellectualise rape and convince men that being anything other than heterosexual, alpha and promiscuous is weakness.

He is a man who believes women are not worthy of empathy but are rather nothing more than facilitators of his own pathetic, grubby needs.

It would be easy to say that his ideas are not welcome in Scotland. The problem is that they are already here. This is not about men who come from a less aware time, but our boys, our young men, who think sexual assault is no big deal.

Data from a YouGov survey for the End Violence Against Women coalition found that 71 per cent of 16-18-year-olds have heard sexual name calling towards girls at least a few times a week.

Among the same group, almost one in three girls had experienced unwanted sexual touching at school.

This attitude goes on into adult life and indeed for many women, this has become a regular part of a night out.

It needs to end.

Militant pro-rape ‘pick up artist’ organises events in Scotland where female gate-crashers risk ‘furious retribution’