The National is chuffed to have Matthew Fitt writing for the paper.

We had a guest column in Scots last year and it was incredibly popular with your our readers.

It wasn’t that long ago that a boy or girl at a Scottish school saying, “aye” instead of “yes” , would have been made to stand up in front of the class and get one hell of a belting from a teacher. Such disrespect would not have gone unpunished.

They may not get the belt here and now in Scotland’s schools in 2016, but there’s every chance they still get a right row for using Scots. We have come some way to getting to a better place for our children thanks to translations of books like the Gruffalo, Asterix and the Twits into Scots.

To see your own words, they way you speak written down in a book or in a newspaper is a powerful thing. We look forward to seeing what Matthew writes over the coming weeks.

Matthew Fitt: Jings or whit! A spang-new column in the Mither Tongue