GROWING up in Dunfermline, I was always bemused by the amount of older people who never seemed to travel to Edinburgh. One day an elderly man came into my parents’ ironmongers shop to ask for a Black & Decker part we didn’t have. I advised him to go to their parts store in Edinburgh.

“Och, son, ah huvnae been tae Edinburgh for 20 years and when I was there ah didnae see anything worth gaun back fur!”

It was an attitude I couldn’t understand, but when he was growing up Edinburgh was probably a ferry away and maybe he got seasick. He was never bitten by the convenience bug, the sense of entitlement to easy commuting that my generation of Fifers have grown up with.

I live in Dunfermline and work in Edinburgh. Having given up on public transport commuting, last Saturday I decided to turn grown-up (at the age of 36) and buy a car. Just before the road bridge packed in. Best not ask me to pick your lottery numbers.

It was weird heading to work by train, staring across to an empty road bridge. The thought that struck me was what a great time it would be to shoot a Scottish remake of 28 Days Later using the bridge as a backdrop.

Then I realised I had already seen this bridge movie before. What if the steel faults story is just misdirection, there’s an experimental virus-carrying monkey on the loose in Fife and only Dustin Hoffman can save us?

I was joking to people about having to get used to a 15-mile walk each way... then they pointed out to me that the bridge is actually shut to pedestrians too.

The simplest of things – going to work, going for a pint and grabbing the night bus home – will suddenly be turned into the logistical equivalent of Olympic events.

We’re just going to have to knuckle down and get on with it. No howling at the moon – or at Scotrail staff, please. It just is what it is.

That old guy in my parents shop? Edinburgh wasn’t for him. He never had it. For my generation? We had something to lose and for at least a month we’ve now lost it.

What am I saying about that?

“Aye, It taks a lang spoon tae sup wi’ us. One that has to reach across the Forth. *sob*”

Anyway Edinburgh, maybe we can come to a deal? You beam us films from the Cameo across the water... and we’ll see what we can do about getting Amazon to step up their drone programme so that you actually get some Christmas presents this year.

We’ll meet again.

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