IT WAS one of the most significant days in the history of Scotland so it’s fitting that it should be depicted in film.

Despite the No votes holding sway in last year’s independence referendum, a crowdfunding project is being launched tomorrow on to finance a Scottish independence movie.

A script has already been written for Freedom For A Day and well-known Scottish actors have signed up for parts while a couple of world famous names have expressed an interest in appearing in the film.

As well as setting out to show that the scare tactics used by No campaigners last year during Project Fear were orchestrated by Westminster, the movie will also be a social enterprise designed to give opportunities to Scots wanting to enter the film industry.

Spearheaded by actor and director Frank Gilhooley, the crowdfunding project offers lots of rewards – including a chance to appear in the film – which would make unique Christmas gifts.


ONCE the initial cash is raised by the crowdfunding project, Gilhooley, below, is confident the rest of the necessary funds can be garnered through grants and industry partnerships, with filming beginning next August.

Gilhooley, who has just appeared in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and plays Torin in the global TV series Outlander, began working on the script as soon as he had recovered from the blow of the majority No vote last September and completed it in Los Angeles before last Christmas.

An active Yes campaigner, he was “gutted” when the result came through but his anger over the scare tactics used by the Better Together campaign sparked a determination to tell the story about what really happened.

“It was very clear to me that Better Together knew that if they stuck to their guns and scared just enough vulnerable people they would win,” he said.

He believes democracy was stolen from the Scots because of this.

“The movie is about a few families of ordinary working class Scots in their struggle to choose hope over fear in the midst of the fear campaign, which most people accept Westminster deployed... sadly successfully.

“It’s moving, it’s emotional, and it celebrates the resilience of ordinary Scots as they unite in the wake of the referendum, in a way that no one could have foreseen.”

The movie follows the story through to the Westminster elections in May and makes strong predictions about the future.

“It’s a tale of ordinary people fighting to survive and promote equality and fairness, in a political world more concerned with certain individuals’ self-preservation.

“It is not a race to Indy Ref 2 in any way shape or form, but concludes that the natural shift of demographics will bring Scotland independence in the next 10 to 15 years... naturally.”


UP-and-coming Scottish actress Viv Taylor, right, has already signed up for the film as has Paul Brannigan who starred in The Angels’ Share while Lenny Mullan, the brother of director Peter Mullan, is casting the movie.

“Lenny knows the industry so well and he has been great at giving me guidance,” said Gilhooley. “He will find really earthy actors for this, I am sure.

“We have a couple of actors that we are speaking to who are as famous as Scots actors get and who are prepared to nail their flag to the mast. We will also be giving a lot of minor parts to less well-known actors and to complete newcomers to give them a chance and will be hiring camera crews and lighting technicians to give them much needed experience. We are going to make a point of having as much music as possible from Scottish musicians so we can release a music CD of the film. Scots across the world would buy this.”

Added Gilhooley: “I know a lot of people who fell for Project Fear and now regret it. What we want to do is reach out to them through this movie and together we will keep independence in the public domain – if we can do that for a decade then we will gain independence through a natural demographic. I can feel it moving forward already so I think this is only temporary as it is just a matter of time.”

His belief that young people will succeed in gaining independence for Scotland is symbolised by the film’s logo – a baby Highland cow chewing on a Union flag with a Saltire in the background.


ALTHOUGH the crowdfunding target has been set at £75,000, Gilhooley believes there is a good chance twice that sum will be raised.

For a mere £15 people can have their name on the credits while those who want to be an extra need pay only £80. The sum of £300 will give several backers a chance to say why they believe in independence for Scotland in a cameo that will be shown at the end of the film and there are silver, gold and platinum tickets available for the premiere, with the latter permitting entry to the afterparty with the stars.

Those who want a line in the film will have to cough up £3,000, and £10,000 gains a named character with a proper part in the movie.

There is also the opportunity for product placement which Gilhooley points out could be very good for Scottish businesses if, as he hopes, the film goes global.

“Feedback has been very positive so I think we could do really well. We had thought we could reach about 140,000 people initially. However, our thunderclap campaign which started late on Monday night has already reached over 240,000 people which has blown us away. We are hoping to hit at least 350,000 people on Friday with the launch and it runs through to January 15 so we should pick up a few more after Christmas.

“The initial bit – although it is the smallest amount of money – is hardest to get, once we have that the other money will come. There has been a lot of enthusiasm for it so I am really chuffed,” said Gilhooley.

“Our greatest hope is for people to contribute to our £10 instant heaven because if everyone we reach pays just £10 we are in instant heaven and can begin filming.”

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