A CONTROVERSIAL new club event in Glasgow has attracted criticism for appearing to imitate the branding of a longer running night next door.

The new night at Kushion nightclub, entitled Milk Fridays, has been accused of copying the name and advertising campaign of MILK Glasgow, a long running staple of Glasgow’s DIY live music scene.

MILK Glasgow, who run a monthly night at venue Flat 0/1, called out the copycats on social media, posting two near-identical posters accompanied by the tagline “Look familiar? Shame on you Milk Fridays.”

Though Milk Fridays haven’t publicly responded to the allegations, Halina Rifai of music blog Podcart published a damning report on the events that was widely shared on social media.

She said: “Images of girls, scantily clad and sexualised imagery in general, was used to promote the launch.

“It went against everything the original MILK Glasgow stood for.”