TODAY we launch a new feature focusing on different independent record labels based in Scotland. This week we look at electronic label Tribal Pulse.

What is Tribal Pulse?
Tribal Pulse is an independent label that focuses on promoting “futuristic, engaging electronic music.”

The label is spearheaded by Kyle Thompson, a DJ and producer who first launched it in 2013 as a way of promoting artists who were creating “unique, innovative sounds”.

“I’ve come across so many tracks over the last decade where the combination of beautiful sounds and smart programming and production have really left me breathless, usually thanks to the perfect balance of melodic and rhythmic elements” says Thompson. “I contacted these artists at the top of their game who were looking to do something new.”

What type of music is it?
Typically, artists featured on the label fall under the umbrella term of house music but several also incorporate elements of techno and trance into their music. The artists feature most general elements of classic house: metronomic, monotonous rhythms, synthesised basslines and various electronic sounds. However, futuristic techno themes, subtle progressions and minimalism contrast the label’s output with the more mainstream electro-house sounds of the past decade.

Thompson openly admits that when it comes to this popularised style he’s “not a fan at all.” He says: “The electronic music scene in Glasgow has always been quite strong and diverse, and it’s produced some amazing artists over the years. Having said that, I think a lot of people here still see house/techno exclusively as ‘going out music’. That’s something I’d like to see change – it can be so much more than that.”

Who has released material on the label?
Belgian producer Pole Folder, a former disciple of John Digweed, is probably the most well known. The list is long, though.

Producers from Sweden, Israel, Mexico and Malta have all had their music featured. More locally, house veteran Dave Seaman has been involved and Thompson has released his own music on the label under the pseudonym Boom Merchant.

What about Boom Merchant himself?
Arguably one of the most impressive house producers in the country right now, Thompson’s music is as much centred around conjuring soundscapes and transporting the listener as it is making you move.

The Glasgow-based producer writes his music using drum machines, synthesisers, samplers and effects, combining sounds with whatever else he finds or records.

“I’ve used all sorts of sounds in tracks, from waves and rivers to Tibetan monks and recordings of the Amazon rainforest”, says Thompson. “What first attracted me to this sort of music was the beauty, power and complexity of the sounds.”

Where can you see Boom Merchant and Tribal Pulse live?

Tribal Pulse regularly run events, mostly in the Glasgow area, which showcase a mixture of live music and mesmerising visuals. As well as showcasing artists from the label, guest DJ’s often perform.

Thompson and Co work with several different visual artists to create the right atmosphere that will compliment the line-up. Any given event may have a completely different installation.

You can sample the experience yourself tonight in the Art School, where Thompson will perform alongside Italian producer Johnny Kaos from 11pm.