GLASGOW-based record label Scotch Bonnet blessed reggae fans with no less than three new single releases this week.

The tracks are each uniquely placed on the reggae spectrum variously echoing classic roots, 1990s dancehall and a more modern jungle sound.

Largely thanks to Glasgow collective Mungo’s Hi Fi – recognised as what’s historically known as a “sound system”, made up of disc jockeys, programmers and occasionally emcees – Scotland now has a growing reggae scene.

Under the Scotch Bonnet banner, the group have provided up-and-coming sound systems and DJ crews a platform to release their music. Mungo’s Hi Fi have also released four of their own albums on the label.

Their latest single shows the five-piece are continuously evolving their sound.

Available both digitally and on stunning 12” vinyl, Ragamuffin is nothing short of a banger. Featuring vocals from accomplished heads Daddy Freddy and the late Sugar Minnott, Mungo’s have been performing the track for over five years. The final version is a dub monster, made all the more ominous by a grimy side B remix courtesy of Manchester DJ Chimpo.

Mungo’s also took it upon themselves to remix Love To Song, an upbeat track from London crew The Hempolics. The track’s old-school vibes demonstrate the crew’s penchant for mixing up styles.

In fact, the third track released is even more of a distinct throwback. Bim One Production, a sound system from Japan, recalls classic dancehall on Nah Bwoy with its lightweight tone and keys-driven skank.

Mungo’s Hi Fi will undoubtedly air all three tunes at the weekly Walk n Skank reggae night they hold at The Berkeley Suite in Glasgow. They also perform tomorrow at the Kelburn Garden Party in Largs.