TWO members of the popular post-hardcore group Fightstar have sailed into completely different waters with their new act GUNSHIP.

Dan Haigh and Alex Westaway, from the London band, have launched the project with Alex Gingell with a single that is an 80s pastiche in the best way possible.

Their track The Mountain is the latest in a long line of “synthwave” acts attempting to evoke that decade with futuristic imagery, analogue synths and overblown vocals. If you’re a fan of the Drive soundtrack, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Since they couldn’t afford Ryan Gosling, or to film in a neon-lit city at night for the accompanying video , they’ve also gone for the next best thing.

The intense short film is the first ever music video created in the game Grand Theft Auto V’s official PC editor software.

Gunship have certainly captured the right glossy aesthetic here, but the track also boasts a fantastic hook. Hopefully they will continue this trend on their forthcoming album, which is due for release on July 24.

One group whose influences are harder to pin down are Borders indie group ROY’S IRON DNA.

Few Scottish acts are as unique sounding, and their impressive new single Exposure is an excellent showcase.

Melding sweet piano melodies with subtle percussive touches and a trip-hop styled rhythm, the song feels oddly timeless. The band also blend old and new through the design of their release.

Their album has been released in the form of a newspaper, literally.

Exposure is available as a tabloid-sized newspaper that can be enjoyed by scanning various track codes with an app available on smartphones or tablets.