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Growing up in Aberdeen, the beach was always right on the doorstep – it was something you almost didn’t think about. It was the “silver city with the golden sands”. There are fantastic pictures of the days when it was always packed and, when you look closely, everyone is in their Sunday best. However, my favourite beach is Cullykhan Bay. 
It’s on the Banffshire coast, and we came across it completely by accident when visiting Pennan. There’s a winding road and a small staircase down to this completely secluded bay. It was so peaceful that we even did some yoga. Sometimes the beaches of the north-east don’t get the attention they deserve.


I’m sitting in the BBC Scotland building now looking at the Glasgow skyline and it’s quite something. For me the most impressive thing is that Glasgow is a city of real contrasts. I’m looking at the Science Centre but remembering the first time I was in the City Chambers and saw that marble staircase, which seemingly has more marble than the Vatican. But the whole building is very much the centrepiece of Glasgow.


I could sound like my granny saying: “Oh Buchanan Street wasn’t like it was in my day!”, but recently we took the show to Shetland and Orkney and I was bowled over by Stromness Main Street. Not only is it beautiful it has everything a main street should have, including a deli as good as anything you’ll find in Stockbridge. Importantly is also has housing, which gives it proper life.


Particularly at this time of year I think of Hogmanay at home. We didn’t have very much money, but my family obviously saved up for this special night of the year. 
The tables would be all along one wall and heaped with food – it always reminded me of slap-up feasts in The Beano. It wasn’t particularly exotic and almost everything came out of a tin, but it was food we only had at that time of year. My mum would be preparing it all day. Of course we weren’t allowed to touch it until the neighbours would come in with their advocaat and Sweetheart Stout. A lovely memory.


I’ve been fortunate to live in the southside of Glasgow, the greenest part of the city, for more than 25 years. I’m within walking distance of Pollok Park, but to call it a park really isn’t to give it its due. It has woodland walks, river walks, the Burrell, of course, and now there’s a cycle path that will connect you directly from the river in through to Pollok Park. I’ve walked or run in there every week for 25 years and never got bored of it.

The National:


One of my favourite times of the year is being the starter at the Baxter’s Loch Ness marathon. It’s known as one of the world’s most scenic marathons. It starts on the high ground on the south side of the loch, between Fort Augustus and the village of Whitebridge, near to what the locals called the Suidhe viewpoint
Turn in any direction and every view is stunning. It helps that it’s very early in the morning and 5000 people have been driven 26 miles into the middle of nowhere. The only way for them to get back to the centre of Inverness is to run, but it’s through these landscapes.


I’ll always make a diversion to go to the Mainstreet trading company in St Boswells. It’s a dream shop and you can tell how much care the owners take with everything they stock. There’s a really amazing bookshop, a café with amazing cake, a deli with the most incredible cheese and wines and then a homewares shop with all those things you don’t actually need but want anyway. I have never left there empty-handed.


My Mum’s tablet. Made for every occasion; sales of work, work events, parties… I’ve never tasted anything like it – created with patience and care. I can remember the smell of it, bubbling away in the pans, and she has handed down the recipe. It’s not just the taste either – it’s the colour – everything in the shops looks peely-wally by comparison. 


Anywhere if I’m running. It helps me to destress, it gives me inspiration for show ideas, it absolutely clears the head. I’ve mentioned Pollok Park, but one place I love to run is Whitelee Windfarm on Eaglesham Moor. It’s such a lovely experience – all you can hear is the gentle swoosh of the turbines. It gives me everything I need for a run.