Ged Grimes is the bass player with Simple Minds. The Scottish legends release their new album Direction Of The Heart on October 21

OBVIOUSLY I love Broughty Ferry because it’s my local beach in Dundee, but I think it’s a place that’s shaped me. Whenever I visit anywhere inland I’m always looking for the water. 

I love the way the estuary opens up; the fact that you can stand on the beach and see forests on the horizon and you can even see dolphins and other wildlife. Also if you want to hang about, there are institutions like Visocchi’s Café and The Fisherman’s Tavern. 

I'VE been lucky enough to play in some really iconic places but the building that had the biggest impact on me was the Fair Isle Bird Observatory. I was in Shetland playing with some friends and we visited the island – I remember seeing it and being fascinated. I’ve always been a bit of a twitcher and here you could see some really rare birds.

Unfortunately, that building was destroyed by fire but it’s being rebuilt and should open next year. 

ONE of my favourite places to cycle to is Dunkeld and Atholl Street. There’s something there that has never really changed in that the atmosphere is the same but it’s full of brilliant individual shops, cafés and bakeries. I’ll cycle up there, grab the biggest scone you’ve ever seen from the Aran Bakery, and eat it down by the river.

MY dad was quite a man, apart from his day job he was a real entrepreneur and he would make lamps to sell on a stall at Lorne Street Market in Dundee. He would get me and my brothers and sister involved, going over to Wormit Bay and finding all kinds of stones that we could polish up and he could use in his lamps. It felt like a chore at the time but I love to go back there now and it’s a great memory.

I’M lucky enough to have cycled all over Scotland and beyond. I would go for The Salmon Run, which is an official route starting in Dundee and going all the way through Errol and over Kinnoull Hill and ends in Pitlochry. I think it’s just over 50 miles. There’s always time to stop for cake before heading back. There’s always time for cake.

The National: Ged Grimes Ged Grimes (Image: Ged Grimes)
WE’RE back to Wormit Bay. It’s not just the childhood memory it’s a place that is beautiful to look towards, but the views from there back across to Dundee and up towards the Carse of Gowrie are amazing. Everything is just laid out. The sunsets are absolutely spectacular. 

ONE that isn’t there anymore and that’s a music shop called Larg’s that used to be in Dundee, and where I worked as a boy – in the hi-fi department.

The favourite shop now though has to be Rainbow Music in Dundee. I’ve known these guys since 1980 when I had my face pressed up against the glass. It’s been the centre of the Dundee music scene ever since and not only is it a great shop, with really helpful people, they’re also a great laugh – and you get a chance to catch up with the gossip.

NOW who doesn’t love a Tunnock’s tea cake? However, as a catering student I had a tour of the Tunnock’s factory and met the main man there and as students we were given all the factory's cast-offs – the stuff that didn’t quite make the grade! I’m coming home for my delicacy again and it’s the pies made by Wallace’s Land O’ Cakes – the best meat pies you’ll get anywhere.

THERE’S a place on the West Sands in St Andrews, which is brilliant. It’s called Dook and it has a great laidback, surfers’ feel about it. I have to mention the Wee Bear Café, however, which is out at the Loch of Lintrathen. Again, it’s a brilliant run on the bike for me. 

The idyllic setting by the loch is astounding and the cakes (cakes again!) are immense in every way. They also put on some great little live music events at night.
FOR me, the best place for alone time is Tentsmuir Forest. It’s full of wildlife. Red squirrels, deer and seals on the beach. It was particularly important to me during lockdown. 

I would cycle there and just take in the space and get a bit of perspective – thinking this place had been here for thousands of years and had survived.

It was the place where I would go to tell myself that all would be well.