A SCOTTISH start-up has created a new AI-powered tourist guide for travellers who want to enjoy a bit of spontaneity on holiday.

Marysia Software, based in Edinburgh, has created City Explorer, which finds tourist attractions within a six-kilometre radius.

Maciej Przybycien, a member of the team behind the app, told The National: “It’s for people who don’t like maps or planning.

“I always think when I go on holiday, I expect to find some interesting places, some good stories, to see something nice and to have nice food.

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“But sometimes when you’re planning all this, you’re losing a bit of spontaneity. Google Maps for example shows you how to move from one point to another.”

City Explorer goes a step further though, with AI using your location to discover what’s nearby and point users towards interesting attractions.

The image below shows an example of how the application might work – in this instance, it found locations to explore in Pitlochry in the Highlands.

The National:

After loading up the app, a selection of nearby attractions from distilleries to the fish ladder appeared on screen.

A separate link then takes the user to the maps app in their phone to direct them from wherever they are at that moment to their new destination.

The app’s website shows a number of other locations where the software has been put to good use, including in the Scottish capital.

The National:

“It’s not for people who know exactly what they’re looking for, it’s for those looking for some interesting places they might not find themselves”, Przybycien added.

So far, the application has been tested in Scotland, Poland, Norway and the US and has been met with positive reviews.

Przybycien continued: “This app has been born in our living room and has already slightly outgrown our expectations.

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“The free version is working and ready for a large volume of traffic. We’re now working on a premium version with additional features and a business layer.

“Simultaneously we are looking for funding which will help us implement and advertise new relations.”

To find out more about the app, visit the City Explorer website HERE.