Strawberry picking is a fun way to spend a summer’s day – and lets you come home with a fresh, delicious snack.

Plenty of farms across Scotland allow you to pick your own strawberries – many have containers on sale, but some will require you to bring your own.

The strawberry season starts at different farms at different times, but most fields will open in late June or early July.

We’ve picked five of the loveliest Scottish farms open this summer where you can bring home a fresh punnett of self–gathered berries.

Cairnie Fruit Farm and Mega Maze

A couple miles north of Cupar, Cairnie Fruit Farm and Mega Maze offers strawberry picking from June, with an email sign–up allowing you to be notified when the berry season starts.

During June, the farm is open for picking Wednesday through Sunday, while in July and August the farm is open every day.

You can pick from 10am until 3:45pm, and a free picking container is provided on site.

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Bookings aren’t required, and there’s no cost for entry – all you have to do is pay at the site’s well stocked farm shop.

A wide range of other farm goods are also available to pick, with cherries, blackcurrants, raspberries and redcurrants available at different times during the summer.

As the name suggests, a large maze – the“Mega Maize Maze” – is open from mid–July until October.

Craigie's Farm Deli and Cafe

Just east of Queensferry, Craigie’s Farm Deli and Cafe offers pick your own strawberries from the end of June until October.

As the name suggests, a deli and cafe are available on–site, offering breakfast rolls, mac & cheese, and a wide range of other foodstuffs to keep you going through a long day of picking.

Bookings are available online from £2.50 for a three-hour slot, with a basket and a map provided onsite.

Various goods including gin, a wide selection of jams and gift baskets, are also available to buy.

Border Berries

Border Berries offers strawberry picking from July, alongside a wide range of other fruits including tayberries, blackcurrants and gooseberries.

The farm is between St Boswells and Kelso, and has a small cafe on site for refreshments.

When open, the field is opening for picking from 10am until 7pm, seven days a week.

A small picnic area is available on site, and the farm welcomes dogs in the picnic area and the carpark.

Check their website to see when the fields open for picking.

East Yonderton Farm

Located in Renfrew, East Yonderton Farm offers strawberries from late June, alongside a wide range of other fruits and roots.

The nearby Farm at No. 12 offers food and drink for a refreshing break from picking.

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Bookings are often required, however the farm sometimes offers open days without a reservation requirement.

Check the farm’s Facebook page for more details on bookings and details on when the farm’s strawberry season starts.

Act fast, though – the farm normally closes around the end of July, though it reopens in October with pumpkins on hand.

Wester Hardmuir Fruit Farm

Starting from mid–June, Nairn’s Wester Hardmuir Fruit Farm allows you to bring a basket and pick beautiful, ripe strawberries to your heart’s content.

The farm charges £6 per kilogramme of strawberries, and sells baskets and punnetts on site if you don’t have your own.

Plenty of other fruits are also available there this summer, including blackcurrants, cherries, blueberries, raspberries and plums.

If you’d like to settle down and eat some of what you’ve picked, the farm has a picnic and play area on site.

Wester Hardmuir Fruit Farm is open from 9:30am to 5pm.