HUMZA Yousaf has previously said he would make sure the Stone of Destiny “comes back up the road” after the iconic relic played an important role in the King’s coronation.

It marked the first outing for the Stone since it was officially returned to Scotland by John Major in 1996.

But now that the coronation is over, when will the famous Stone return?

When will the Stone of Destiny come back to Scotland?

The National sent an enquiry to Historic Environment Scotland (HES), who care for the Stone, asking when it would be returned to Edinburgh Castle.

A reply explained that it was to remain in London until the coronation theatre at Westminster Abbey closed, but that there was no official date on when it would return just yet.

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The coronation theatre was open for self-guided tours until Saturday May 13 where people were able to view the coronation chair among other elements from the ceremony.

What is the Stone of Destiny?

The Stone is an ancient symbol of Scotland’s monarchy and was seized by King Edward 1 of England in the late 13th century.

The 150kg red sandstone slab is 66cm long, 42cm wide and 27cm high.

It was used for the coronation of Scots kings for hundreds of years before being taken during the Wars of Independence.

The stone stayed in England for hundreds of years until Christmas Day in 1950 when four students retrieved it from Westminster Abbey and returned it to Scotland.

It will return to Edinburgh Castle before being transported to Perth in 2024 to be housed in the new Perth Museum.