ONE of the top names in modern classical music is getting ready to play his debut Scottish show.

Jean-Philippe Rio-Py, known professionally as Riopy, said he “can't wait” to play Edinburgh as part of his first UK-wide tour.

The pianist has found himself among the most popular classical musicians of the last decade, with his album Tree of Light spending three weeks at number one on the Billboard Classical Charts.

Originally from France, Riopy fled the Deux-Sevres region when he was 18 after being raised in a cult.

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During his time in the sect, Riopy said he faced physical and psychological abuse.

He told The National that his traumatic childhood led him to seek solace in his music, having taught himself piano at a young age.

But with music banned within the French group, Riopy escaped, living rough in Paris before heading to Los Angeles and then finally making his way to Britain.

Speaking from Paris ahead of his UK tour, he said: “I moved to the UK around 20 years ago. Long story short I moved because I didn’t have a very nice upbringing but the beauty was I was more drawn to music.

“I was lucky to have a piano at home so I’d go to the piano and just try and play music and discover those notes. I taught myself and I loved it so much. That’s all I wanted to do.”

Once he arrived in the UK, all he wanted to do was make music but the first few years were a struggle, he admits.

He said: “It was very hard when I got here. You just have to survive. I didn’t have a family or anything.

“I had jobs here and there but I ended up working in Reading in a music shop and thanks to a guy called Michael Freeman, a very nice man who loved my music and said I should go to Oxford.

“I was very lucky to get a conditional offer to go to Oxford Brookes and did my degree there and moved to London to carry on making my music.”

In 2011, the musician was invited by Vanity Fair to play at a gala dinner in London for an audience including Chris Martin.

The Coldplay singer apparently liked the music so much that he decided to gift Riopy a piano.

“It felt amazing to be offered the piano,” he said. “It was very kind and generous.”

The musician has brought classical music to wider audiences, with his songs racking up more than half a billion streams, according to his label Warner Music. The star has also found himself as the score to popular adverts including the likes of Ikea and Samsung and in film trailers such as The Shape of Water.

The National: Riopy has won global success for his modern classical musicRiopy has won global success for his modern classical music (Image: Warner Music)

Among his millions of listeners is global pop star Lana Del Rey who recently reached out to the pianist to sample his track Flo.

“I don’t know how it happened. I was just very lucky,” Riopy said. “I received an email from her management saying Lana loves your music and would love to use it.

“I was a bit worried to be honest. I was flattered but worried because my music is so personal. I’ve never done any collabs because every song for me has its own DNA, its own code, so I am cautious of how I use it.

“We then received the song and I thought it was beautiful. It was elegant and classy and I was so flattered and happy.”

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Despite charting and streaming success, this will be Riopy's first major UK tour - and the first time he will professionally play in Scotland.

He said: “I’ve only ever played in Scotland at St Andrews for fun with a friend but never on tour,” he said. “But I love the Scottish people. They are very human, very very nice and lovely and very down to earth and friendly.

“They have a good mentality and they are good souls over there. Maybe because of the nature - it keeps it real.

“So I’m very excited to play Edinburgh. I can’t wait.”

Riopy will play the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Tickets can be found here