Judy Murray is calling from Melbourne, where son Andy is competing in the Australian Open. Outside of family commitments, she says the last ten years have been about “doing things that are fun, stepping into other people's world and getting away from tennis for a bit.”

What started as a single sketch for BBC Scotland, written by comedian Chris Forbes, grew into an unlikely pop culture phenomenon. Now, The Duncan and Judy Show follows a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival with a Mother’s Day date at the Glasgow Comedy Festival.

Judy plays an exaggerated version of herself alongside Forbes as a hapless imagined third Murray brother: “It’s become this persona on social media, I think he attracts a lot of Andy and Jamie tennis fans. Jamie has met Chris as Duncan, Andy hasn’t yet but they think it’s good fun and if I’m happy, they’re happy.”

The National: Judy Murray, mother of world No 1 Scottish tennis stars Andy Murray and Jamie Murray, at the Cromlix hotel. Picture: Jamie Simpson/Herald and Times

“The show is a variety performance that Duncan is putting on to impress me, we’ve a number of special guests coming to join us. I’ve just got to sit there and look disappointed. Chris is a fantastic writer, what he has put together is absolutely hilarious.

“Des Clarke is our host, who I know well. What makes it funnier in a live setting is we don’t know all the things Chris is going to do. A lot of the time I am genuinely shocked by what he says and I have to try to keep a straight-face.”   

Judy is following the twin trajectories of taking new opportunities while cutting back on work, which means she is finding more time to travel around Scotland. “I probably know my way by the tennis clubs after so many years of trekking around the country”, she says. “I love Loch Lomond and the Trossachs, which is not far from where I live. I enjoy spending time around there. I go to the Isle of Eriska, close to Oban, if I want complete peace and quiet.

“I’ve just started playing golf and I think, now that I have more time for myself, I want to go up to Royal Dornach and I want to go to Skye. I’m going to really enjoy exploring Scotland’s great golf courses. There’s a lot of places on my list.”

The Duncan and Judy Murray Show is at The King’s Theatre on Sunday 19 March.