Suzanne McLaughlin serves up a week of delights

1 WHERE would the indy movement be without Alasdair Gray? Not as far along the road, I’d wager, and as such we should celebrate the man and his legacy and I’ve just the thing to help you do that.

The Hunterian Museum in Glasgow’s West End has an exhibition dedicated to the work of the renowned writer and artist. The two-room exhibition uncovers how Lanark was made and has been selected from the manuscripts and artworks created by Gray throughout the development of the novel that spanned three decades. Highlights include the artist’s design for the jacket cover of Lanark and designs for the title pages of the four books which make up the novel. Open Tuesdays to Sundays 10-5 every week from now until October. Exhibition is free.

2 AS part of the AYE festival, there is a garden party in Edinburgh’s meadows today. Chilled out artistic and musical performances, food, music and it’s all wean and dug friendly. Totally free. For more information head to

3 PAISLEY’S annual Sma’ Shot Day is back with a bang. For those of you who haven’t heard, it is a fantastic celebration of a famous early trade union victory for female workers in the weaving industry. The 7000 weavers led a trade union fight and won. The day has been celebrated ever since with a parade and this year is no exception. Celebrations begin with the popular Sma’ Shot parade, which sets off from Brodie Park at noon led by the Charleston Drum, before making its way through Paisley town centre to Abbey Close. Once it arrives, there is the annual Burning of the Cork – a highlight of the Sma’ Shot Day celebrations – and brilliant live performances on the main stage. For more information head over to This Saturday.

4 I dont normally feature big gigs in this column, but there are a few last-minute tickets available to see the main man of rock Liam Gallagher in Glasgow this weekend. He’s on at Hampden Park today. The weather will be glorious and the tunes will be banging. C’mon you know you want to, so why not? Tickets from

5 A HOT topic right now is streets and statues named after slave owners. These remain a blight on Scotland and councils are trying to figure out the right way forward. Famous Scientist and human rights campaigner Sir Geoffrey Palmer is chair of the Edinburgh Slavery and Colonialism Legacy Review Group. A celebrated scientist and academic, he was Scotland’s first black university professor and was recently installed as the new Chancellor of Heriot Watt University. He is giving a talk at today at 11am, last minute but worth it! It's free.

6 DUNDEE is having festival fortnight at the moment and it’s well worth having a wee nose at the website for a full list of all the events. This week kicks off with an event in celebration of pride. For more info head over to

7 SHETLAND is really bringing equality and diversity to the table this year. First of all they have recently allowed girls to participate in the annual Up Helly Aa festival after tireless work by Shetland feminists. And this week the island will be full of Queens as Shetland hosts its first ever Pride event on Saturday. Bring your glitter and your good times and celebrate this day in honour of the struggles to get here and the ongoing struggle some in the community are still facing. Pride is a protest but it’s one with fun. For all the events and fun and party info head over to