FATHER'S Day is just around the corner as we all celebrate the dads and father figures in our lives this Sunday, June 19.

Now, upon hearing that news, you’re probably either not phased at all or are panicking because you totally forgot and don’t have a present or even an idea for one.

But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of cool Father’s Day ideas to help you out – and they’re so good we guarantee nobody will even notice you left it to the last minute...

A Wee Walk & A Whisky

Beginning in George Square, you’ll get the chance to walk around Glasgow as you take your tastebuds on a journey. First, you’ll explore the city and uncover hidden parts of its history, after which you will enjoy three different Scottish whiskys and learn about them as you taste.

Starting at five in the afternoon and finishing at seven, this experience is great for whisky and history lovers alike! What is also great is how convenient these tours are, as they start and end at the same time every day, including on Father’s Day, meaning you can book your Father’s Day present for whichever day works best.

BGCP Comic Con

For dads who are on the nerdy side, a family visit to Comic Con at St Enoch, which luckily takes place on Father’s Day, could be the perfect present. While the event is free to enter, there’s plenty of chances to buy them gifts throughout the day as there’s a large selection of stalls with everything from comic books to video games, to merchandise.

The festival opens at 10am and goes on until 6pm, so dad has plenty of time to have a lie in if he wants to before visiting.

A Play, A Pie, and A Pint

What’s better than alliteration? Alcohol! And there’s plenty of it to go around at Oran Mor since you get a free pint, and a pie to accompany it, with your ticket to this event.

A tradition at the venue, A Play, A Pie, and A Pint has been running since 2004. This lunchtime entertainment is a much-loved staple within Glasgow’s West End.

While there’s no show on Sunday, there are two shows around it as on Saturday you can see the family drama Inheritance and on Monday you can see The Words, which focuses on the experience of being an immigrant relying on a translator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator at the Showcase

Rewatch this classic 80s action thriller as it plays on Sunday at the Showcase Cinema in Coatbridge. For dads who love movies, or just this one in particular (and we’ll bet that’s a lot of dads), this could be the perfect chance to see one of their favourite films on the big screen and enjoy the benefits of the cinema’s comfy recliner chairs.

Glasgow Jazz Festival

Boasting 24 events across four days, this festival’s last day is on Father’s Day.

Sunday’s events include a show by the Buster Williams Quartet with Rachel Duns at St Luke’s in the East End; a performance by Anita Wardell at The Blue Arrow on Sauchiehall Street; and a free late-night jam session hosted by the Ewan Johnstone Quartet at the same venue.

For dads who are music geeks, specifically for jazz, this could be the best way to spend their Father’s Day.

Dinner and a pint at The Drygate

This suggestion isn’t a special event or show. It’s for the dads who like something simple and easy: a good pub dinner and a good pint. And to be honest, who doesn’t like that?

This is a safe but satisfying suggestion that everyone can enjoy, no matter their tastes, as even people who don’t like beer can enjoy wine and spirits.

With an extensive menu featuring classic dishes like fish and chips, steak, and burgers (including a vegan one), and award-winning beer, this East End pub is one of Glasgow’s best and most revered, and is sure to be a hit with dads this Father’s Day.