A UNIQUE exhibition is set to begin this week at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts.

Seen and Not Seen features work by moving image artists Scott Caruth and Alex Hetherington, and looks to reflect on what ‘remains unseen, invisible or deliberately hidden from view’.

Both artists use 16mm film in their work, a type of motion picture film which was developed in the 1920s as an alternative for amateur filmmakers.

On the exhibition, Alex said: "For me, the exhibition is very much about the aesthetic qualities of 16mm film, beautiful and imperfect, while the exhibition extends these properties into something cinematic or theatrical, sensory and immersive."

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Alex’s work considers the ‘porous nature of influence and collaboration’, showing unseen outtakes from his creative process that would normally be excluded from the public viewing.

Scott Caruth will be showing his film, BOB, as part of the exhibition.

BOB was made between 2016 – 2020 and documents Scott’s online relationship with a blind gay man.

The idea came from reflections on the experience of those who are visually impaired and how that impacts trust and intimacy which may have to be approached through other forms of communication.

The visual backbone of the film comes from a series of experiments where 16mm film was exposed to light and temperature changes at a gay sauna in Glasgow.

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The project was approved on the condition that no cameras were involved, with this space chosen due to its focus on anonymity and design considerations made to compromise the vision of visitors.

The exhibition will run at the CCA on Sauchiehall Street from Friday 3 June to Saturday 16 July.